HEMbrug terrein Zaandam
Hemkade 18
in Zaandam


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Object information

Address: Hemkade 18, 1506 PR Zaandam
Size of plot: 42.50.00 ha
Year of construction: approx. 1895

Sold: HEMbrug site in Zaandam

Starting 1 March 2017, the State will offer the HEMbrug site in Zaandam for sale by means of a public tender procedure with a pre-selection phase.

You can request the bid book on this page. The bid book includes: a comprehensive description of the sale process and other information necessary to participate in this sale process.

Space for development at HEMbrug
The Ministry of Defence’s former HEMbrug site has become a creative incubator - a surprising hotspot of urban culture blended with heritage. A place where nothing is ordinary and that offers countless possibilities. A flexible and versatile location that blends authenticity, entrepreneurship, craftsmanship, sustainability, innovative strength, and a community that is eager to move forwards into the future. And above all, a site where there is ample space for development.

The entire HEMbrug site covers an area of approximately 42.50 hectares, of which around 7.30 hectares is occupied by buildings and around 15 hectares is a wooded area. About 38.5 hectares of the site is currently being offered for sale, including 77 buildings (with a total area of approximately 50,000 m² GLA). Thirty-five of the buildings have a protected monument status (including both national and municipal monuments). Eleven buildings (with a total area of approximately 3,325 m²) are currently leased on the basis of a rental agreement or a temporary rental agreement.

Since 2012, the Central Government Real Estate Agency has been working with the municipality of Zaanstad and the province of Noord-Holland to develop the site. During that time, the site has been opened up, a number of protected buildings have been renovated and leased, and the soil has been partially cleansed. The municipality of Zaanstad has also recently released the draft local area plan for the neighbourhood. This states its plans for HEMbrug very clearly: a mixed residential and commercial area of 180,000 m2 GLA, with up to 120,000 m2 GLA of residential buildings.

The Central Government Real Estate Agency is currently in talks with several tenants of existing buildings on the Hembrug site, who have been offered first refusal on the purchase of the respective buildings. These plots, and the buildings and associated facilities that they accommodate (30 buildings in total) will not be part of this sale.

Local area plan: Nieuw HEMbrug and surroundings
In anticipation of the new Environment and Planning Act, a local area plan is being developed for HEMbrug, Havenstraat and Hemkade, based on the Crisis and Recovery Act. This means that the Hembrug site will be developed in a flexible manner, based on a development with no predetermined final result or timetable, but stressing responsiveness to market demand, the needs of users and the opportunities that arise in the local area. A number of parameters will ensure that the flexible development still meets the aspirations and possibilities associated with the site.

HEMbrug has four main functions that are shown on the area plan map: Mixed Area, Wooded Area, Green Space and Residential-Road Traffic Area. In order to maintain the flexibility of the development of the site, many possible activities may be assigned to these functions including housing, commercial business activities and the holding of events in the Mixed Use Area. The Wooded Area may include activities related to the development of the natural environment, daytime recreation, catering operations or other business operations and activities related to traffic access functions. The intended flexibility is also reflected in the positioning of buildings, the form of buildings and the type of activities that this makes possible.

The municipality of Zaanstad is expected to approve the local area plan in the fourth quarter of 2017. In addition to the public law framework, an anterior operating agreement will also apply. The assumption is that the Central Government Real Estate Agency will settle funding arrangements with the municipality of Zaanstad.

Sale procedure
The sale will take place by public tender with a pre-selection phase and a further selection based on the submission of a development strategy. On the basis of the development strategies submitted, up to 5 parties will be invited to submit unconditional bids. A more detailed description of the sale procedure and the terms and conditions that are applicable can be found in the bid book.

Development work on the HEMbrug site will continue throughout the sale process. The Central Government Real Estate Agency will carry out a number of projects such as the renovation of the superstructure of the protected buildings and soil treatment and cleansing. The site will be transferred to the final purchaser ‘as-is’: in the condition in which the HEMbrug is on the day of delivery.

The Central Government Real Estate Agency has compiled extensive documentation in relation to the sale. The technical sale dossier has served as the basis for this documentation. The Central Government Real Estate Agency will make additional information available during the sale process.

The State shall enter into the purchase agreement to conclude the sale of HEMbrug no later than 1 April 2018, subject to the rescinding condition that:
a) the local area plan for ‘Nieuw Hembrug' has been adopted by the municipal council of Zaanstad; and
b) the classification of ‘serious and urgent’, as intended in Articles 29 and 37 of the Soil Protection Act, is adopted by the mayor and aldermen of the municipality of Zaanstad on the basis of the intended usage of the site (public green space, buildings, infrastructure and industry, as specified in the application).

A more extensive description of the sale procedure and the terms and conditions that will be applicable can be found in the bid book. You can order a copy of the bid book for €75.

Procedure status  

  •  Publication
  •  Request bid book
  •  Selection phase
  •  Bidding phase
  •  Awarding
  •  Purchase agreement
  •  Transfer (current state)
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Contact details

The Central Government Real Estate Agency
Person to contact: Mr. J. Nugteren
E-mail address: biedboek@rijksoverheid.nl

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