The former Mission House
Driehuizerkerkweg 123
in Driehuis


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Object information

Address: Driehuizerkerkweg 123, 1985 HB Driehuis
Current use: vacant (anti-squatting measures)
Designated use: social function, redevelopment project permitted
Surface (GFA): approx. 8,264 m²
Size of plot: 1.96.16 ha
Year of construction: approx. 1924

Sold: the former Mission House at Driehuizerkerkweg 123 in Driehuis

Sold: the former Mission House in Driebergen will take place by public tender with a pre-selection phase.

The property was originally built (1924) as a school, boarding house and mission house. In 1973, the navy’s social medical service took ownership of the building, and continued to use it until September 2010.

Building and the Environment
The property is located on the southwestern edge of the town centre of Driehuis, within the municipality of Velsen, to the southeast of IJmuiden. The town of Driehuis is surrounded by different types of landscapes, including a rural area to the south, sand dunes to the west (part of the Zuid-Kennemerland National Park) and suburban districts to the north and east. Driehuis consists largely of villa-style buildings. Partly due to its location, the heart of Driehuis can be described as a rural/small-scale residential environment. There is an abundance of green space on the site and in the immediate vicinity.

Municipal monument
The property includes several buildings and two bunkers. The main building, which has a chapel built onto it, is a municipal monument. To the north of the main building, there are further secondary buildings including a barracks building dating from 2000 and a further building that houses a workshop, garages and offices, dating from 1990. To the south of the main building there is a personnel bunker and to the north there is a small connecting bunker.

Road access to and from the Haarlem ring road is good, via the Van den Vondellaan main road. The train station is located 350 metres away in a straight line, and provides twice hourly train services towards both Uitgeest and Haarlem. There is also a bus stop for an express service to the centre of IJmuiden and Haarlem nearby. This service will commence in late 2016.

Local land use plan and opportunities for redevelopment
The local land use plan for Driehuis and Velsen Zuid (adopted on 30 October 2008) designates the function of the property as ‘social’. A memo from B&W dated 6 March 2012 mentions the functions of conference centre combined with amenities (catering facilities), a research institution or a residential building as being desirable for (this location in) Driehuis. The municipality has specified which modifications to the property would be permitted in order to realize such a redevelopment. These are:
• The profile of the main Mission Building should be preserved in its current form, as seen from Driehuizerkerkweg;
• The roofline of the main building and the chapel should remain intact insofar as possible;
At the rear, additional windows may be added to the main section of the building in order to render the loft floor useable;
• The single-storey southern wing may be demolished;
If desired, the original external contour of this wing may be emphasized by the addition of, for example, a pergola, in reference to the original layout;
• The single-storey main pavilion with roof in the south wing of the building should, if possible, be preserved;
• It is possible to demolish the connecting section between the main building and the chapel in order to detach the chapel from the main building;
• Openings may be added to the external wall of the front of the chapel in order to establish a relationship with the environment. This could include a doorway towards Brevierlaantje;
• Modifications to the front of the building in order to enhance its new function are possible, such as converting window recesses into doorways or replacing sections of the external wall with a glass facade between the brick piers. At the rear there is more freedom than at the front, including for example the possibility of placing balconies and/or lifts;
• The interior has no particular intrinsic value and may be fully modified and updated in order to make the building suitable for the new function.

Procedure status  

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  •  Request bid book
  •  Selection phase
  •  Bidding phase
  •  Awarding
  •  Purchase agreement
  •  Transfer (current state)
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