Shed with 4 offices
Dinteloordseweg 28
in Steenbergen


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Object information

Address: Dinteloordseweg 28, 4651 RB Steenbergen
Surface (GFA): approx. 4,116 m²
Size of plot: 0.97.05 ha
Year of construction: approx. 1952

Market initiative: Dinteloordseweg 28 in Steenbergen

The Central Government Real Estate Agency is offering a hangar with four office areas at Dinteloordseweg 28, Steenbergen for sale as part of its market initiative. You can place a bid on this property whenever this is convenient for you. On receipt of an acceptable initial bid, the Central Government Real Estate Agency will initiate the sales process, whereby other interested parties will also be given the opportunity to submit a bid. The requirements that your bid must meet, and additional information on how to place a bid, can be found in the information pack.

The property was built as a mill belonging to the textile factory on the other side of the road. In 1994, the building was converted into a semi-permanent archive building for the Ministry of Health.

The large hangar is preceded by an office building with brick masonry and clay roof tiles. The ground floor has a spacious hall with office spaces on both sides of approximately 40m². In the building which joins the office and the working area, there are toilets, showers and a stairway leading up to the first floor.

The first floor consists of a large area measuring about 100m² plus two smaller spaces measuring approximately 12m² and 9m² respectively. The hangar consists of a large space of approximately 2100m², with two further spaces on the north side of about 34m² and one space of about 55m², and one final space of approximately 126m².

The site also includes parking facilities. This commercial property is located on an arterial road between Dinteloord and Steenbergen and consists of a hangar with four associated office spaces.

We recommend cooperating with a Dutch partner for more information.

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